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10 Jun 2015

New Jamie Reid Print

New Jamie Reid Print

A very special collage of images, referencing and celebrating Jamie’s work over the last 40 years, Reid has woven in images to make this work a visual diary, as well as including a special banner to celebrate his return to Wales!   A small guide to the imagery follows, but each piece will be accompanied by a fuller description.

The central image is by Walter Crane, and the daisywheels in each corner refer to Jamie's  paintings that reference the Druids year, which is divided into eight equal parts.  On the top left - 'Destruction or Enlightenment' is one of Jamie's Situationist-aligned text works.  Middle Left  'This Store Welcomes Shoplifters' is from a Suburban Press (pre Pistols) sticker campaign.  Middle Right  'For The Miners'  is taken from Jamie's Suburban Press  'Switch Something On For the Miners'.  Slivers of both QEII and the flag from the famous  'God Save The Queen' flag.  Multicoloured elements under flag fragments - taken from Jamie's 'Untitiled" gouache on newsprint work of 1968.   Peace is Tough on the hip - is from Jamie's troublesome image of a lip-sticked John Wayne.

This print comes with an additional sticker and a banner, so you can customise your own piece!

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