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8 May 2014

Galerie Simpson Manifesto

Galerie Simpson Manifesto


“The past must always be rescued; to save it from vanishing beneath the surface of present, competing images. If a thing is not continually, or at least occasionally, witnessed and remembered it will cease to exist.”
                                                                                    Joseph Koloman       

To start by being fascinated by the past, by the lives of artists and the trails they leave behind; the geography and ephemera of a career, the streets and rooms occupied, the maquettes and sketches, notes, letters, bills and invitations. And where the information has not been hidden or obscured, details of the artists’ economic condition, how they actually supported themselves and survived (or failed to survive). We do not think it unseemly to address economic reality.

We are wholly inspired by Duchamp who funded a part of his practice dealing in the works of Brancusi. We esteem Marcel not only for his commercial play, we esteem Marcel for the ways in which he reproduced his own works; publishing editions, prints and notes. We applaud his entire DIY approach. Similarly we aim to combine these three roles in one; Artist, Producer and Agent. In each case the Artist is paramount. We intend to actively support artists. We are a for-profit organisation.

GS researches for the love of research. We peer into many corners (not just art history). We follow trails and make investigations. We have conversations with artists (both living and dead) and examine archives and pore over books. From these investigations we pull out the threads that lead to the production of new works — our research into the past feeds into a dialogue with the present, into a blurring of time and biographies.

“The dead should not be permitted to be so much stronger than the living. We must learn to forget the past, to live our own lives in our own time.”                      
                                                                                                   Marcel Duchamp



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