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4 Sep 2012

John Stezaker Wins Deutsche Börse photography prize

John Stezaker Wins Deutsche Börse photography prize

Congratulations to John Stezaker who has won the Deutsch Börse photography prize



Adrian Searle in his Guardian Review is in no doubt as to his favourite and we agreed!. 

        'But Stezaker is by miles the best image-maker here. He has that great unteachable gift: an eye and a sensibility. Splicing old Hollywood publicity shots, marrying male and female faces, or – by an apparently simple act of gluing – sticking an old postcard over half a woman's face, he creates marvellous, funny, disturbing androgynies and what appear to be psychological crises in his subject's faces. No matter how long you look at them, Stezaker's hand-cut collated images never lose their strange dynamism'


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To read the full review ... http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2012/jul/10/deutsche-borse-photography-prize-review?fb=native

To view the exhibition... http://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/deutsche-borse-photography-prize-2012

                                                        Above right detail from Muse (Film Portrait Collage) XVIII (2012) 


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