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LP released in 1963

5 British Sculptors Talk

5 British Sculptors Talk

In the Artists Words...


Prominent British 20th Century artists,  Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Lynn Chadwick, Kenneth Armitage, Reg Butler all feature in this LP record.  The artists, were recorded individually in their studios, describing their working methods and inspirations. They were allowed to talk freely, the interviews are very much in the artists words,  rather than an interview. The unique nature of this format inspired many spin offs.  The American filmmaker Warren Forma followed this concept and made a film based on the same principle in 1964.  The film shows the artists in their studios whilst they each discuss their works and more......

'A sculptor is a person whose  is interested in the shape of things, obsessed with the form and shape of anything …
The strong fleshiness of a beech tree , is as important as  the form of a pretty girl…
One thing I would like to think is that my work has a form a life from inside...'
                                                                                                                Henry Moore



It is available to purchase in book form from Amazon and other retailers.


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