Jane Simpson


Simpson is creating a unique piece for each box. Hand cut ‘cabinets’ are gathered and arranged on the paper,  which is then hand marbled. Each piece will be unique and the marbling will vary.  She says of the work. “Sacred” 1994 was a sculpture that was very important to me personally.  A labour of love, hand built and crafted, on a creative journey that took nearly a year.  It lived a short but eventful life, exhibiting at the Serpentine and going on an international tour. It came to a sad end, burning in the Momart Fire of 2004. This piece is about my desire to remake this work, re-animating it and revisiting, focussing on its animal like qualities.
Born in 1965 and Chelsea School of Art & Royal Academy of Art Schools.
Best known for sculptures made from rubber, ice and refrigeration units.  In 1994 she was included in “Some Went Mad, Some Ran Away,” curated by Damien Hirst, at the Serpentine Gallery, London and the “Sensation” exhibition of 1997.
She has shown internationally in London, Madrid, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Berlin, Caracas, and New York. Her work is held in leading collections - Arts Council of England, Damien Hirst’s Murderme Collection, Contemporary Art Society, British Council Collection and the Colección Ciudad de Pamplona. 

Jane Simpson - Sacred

Jane Simpson - Sacred

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